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Ready to start a blog today!? Are you searching for blogging resources to help you in your blogging journey?

Or have you already taken the leap and you just need additional help setting the foundation? 

Want to learn about all the tools you see used on this blog and how they are helping me build my blog from a hobby to a side-hustle and eventually a full-time income?

You got it! Keep reading!

The Ultimate Web Hosting Platform

A web hosting service is a type of Internet hosting service that allows people (like you and me) and organizations to make their website accessible to the World Wide Web. If you want to create a business out of your blog, a web hosting platform is the first of several blogging resources you will need.

I use and recommend SiteGround to anyone who asks. 

The internet is a complicated place. Suppose you have a street (The World Wide Web) and on that street, you have several big buildings (one being SiteGround) and in order to get onto that street (have a website like, you need to purchase an “apartment” within one of those buildings. Does that make sense? See my fancy drawing for a visual. 

Note: You will have access to the whole web with any hosting platform (SiteGround). 

SiteGround is cost-effective with 3 different plans to chose from.

SiteGround offers out-of-this-world customer service plus several FREE ebooks!

With every SiteGround hosting plan, you can have an unlimited number of FREE email accounts with your domain name. So instead of anicia@yahoo(dot)com, my email address is This address appears more professional and trustworthy to future clients and companies that may want to do business with you in the future. 

See below for a list of plans:

StartUp – $3.95 monthly

Crafted for Great Web Start

1 Website, 10,000 Monthly Visitors

For less than the cost of a cup of Starbucks coffee, you can have a website with SiteGround and be on your way to building a blog that compliments your life goals. 

GrowBig – $5.95 monthly

Crafted for Web Growth

Multiple Websites, 25,000 Monthly Visitors

For less than the cost of a combo meal at Burger King, you can have a website with SiteGround that is prepared to grow with you.

GoGeek – $11.95 monthly

Crafted for Real Web Geeks

Multiple Websites, 100,000 Monthly Visitors

For less than the cost of a new shirt, you can have a website with SiteGround that is capable of scaling to unimaginable sizes.

The Number One Photo Creating Program Available

I don’t know how I would create gorgeous pins without Canva. Canva allows me to hone in on my creative skillset without sacrificing quality. You can create anything on canva…..a Facebook post, Pinterest Pin, Instagram Post, an Instagram Story, moving pictures, you name it. 

Canva Business to stay on-brand with the Brand Kit. You can also create transparent backgrounds so you can use your graphics anywhere with Canva Pro! Furthermore, you unlock boatloads of exclusive photos, graphics, templates, and fonts! 

I am using the Free version of Canva and you can certainly do a fantastic job creating visuals with it. If you are interested in Canva Pro, you can get started with a free trial below.

Click here to get your 30-day FREE Trial of Canva Pro. Cancel anytime.

The Best Email Marketing Platform

When I started my very first blog, I used MailMunch. They are easy to use but I didn’t like the limited form designs for a free account (I wasn’t prepared to use the paid services).

So this year I started using ConvertKit. I love the customization abilities I get with this program. ConvertKit allows you to create an emailing sequence that is tailored to your specific audience (via tags) on top of allowing you to create opt-in forms and intriguing landing pages. I am currently using the plan for up to 1,000 subscribers and I find that this is more than enough for the start of my blog. 

Head over to ConvertKit to watch a few demo videos under the resource tab….these videos were one of the main reasons why I took the plunge. 

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Less Known Blogging Resource: Grammarly

Because I’m no English major, Grammarly is a must-have. It allows me to communicate with you guys more effectively and makes for an easier post to read. The best thing about Grammarly is that it is FREE. It’s just an extension plug that I put on my Chrome page. As I write, it corrects or makes suggestions for me. There is a Grammarly Pro version but the free one is sufficient enough for all my blogging needs. 

Protect Yourself & Your Blog (a must-have if you want to MONETIZE your blog)

I purchased a Starter Legal Bundle for my site from A Self Guru’s owner Amira. If you want to monetize your blog through ads, affiliate links, etc it is a necessity to have your blog protected with legal pages that included everything necessary to protect your business. 

Her comprehensive Legal Bundle Package takes the guesswork out of legalizing your blog. The Starter Legal Bundle saved me hours and hours of time researching and creating my own pages. I would have had no idea if I was truly protected because I don’t possess the necessary expertise that she does. This alone makes this bundle a great investment to add to your blogging resources list!

Her Starter Legal Bundle includes a comprehensive Privacy Policy, Complete and Up-to-date Disclaimer Template, an accurate Terms & Conditions and 9 bonuses! Her templates are fully customize-able and easy to follow. I even got exclusive access to her Facebook membership page where I continuously create connections with other like-minded bloggers. 

Get Your Legal Bundle from A Self Guru and Protect Your Blog in less than 10 minutes!

WordPress Theme Matters

Anicia at Home uses the Ashe Pro theme from WP Royal. I love Ashe Pro because of its customization capabilities without having to know how to code.  And if you’re still worried or unsure WP Royal has a diligent support system available to answer your questions! 

Thankfully, Ashe Pro and the other theme (Bard Pro) at WP Royal are capable of growing with me and my business which makes it a great blogging resource to invest in.

Pro Tip: If I ever wanted to incorporate an eCommerce platform – I have that option with Ashe Pro.

Share A Sale

ShareASale is the middle man between you as the blogger (affiliate) and the businesses (merchant). Affiliate uses ShareASale to find products to promote that fit their brand and earn commission for referrals on those products. 

I love it because I can find all my merchants in one place and easily apply to new ones. I can also filter for my niche so that I’m sure I’m appealing to my audience at all times.

Share A Sale-Anicia At Home

Check ShareASale Out Below

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